About Us

Hi! We are Iliana and Amanda. We are the founders of Givzie. Your curiosity has led you here and we are excited to tell you what Givzie is all about.

Givzie was inspired after hosting and attending countless birthday parties and always feeling like there had to be a better way to give gifts to kids. We always felt guilty about buying a random gift for a kid’s birthday that we knew would end up in the bottomless toy pit and eventually the landfill.

One day Amanda was driving to Target, on the way to a birthday party, she thought "Why can't we just put our money towards something this kid really wants? And, what if all their friends could contribute towards this one big gift?"

This question, nagged at her and her frustration grew each time she purchased an “unloved toy pit landfill” gift.” One day she did something she should have done a long time ago; she asked some young people what they thought….

“I think it is a brilliant idea” Illiana exclaimed. Illiana started to ask her friends and confirmed their theory, "We have to do this, everyone agrees, we do not want to produce useless waste and hurt the planet. Also, experiences or something we really want, is a much better gift!" Illiana’s passion for giving and for saving the environment combined with her desire to co create this space, is the story of GIVZIE.


Imagine a platform built for Everyone. This is GIVZIE.

Imagine a space online where you can come together with friends and family with the intention of putting your resources together to bless your loved ones with experiences or bigger ticket items that you have dreamed of being able to give. This is GIVZIE.

Imagine a company that truly wants to help you reduce your footprint helping you to reduce clutter and waste. This is GIVZIE.

Imagine a simple way to harness all of the good intention of gift giving and channel it into something more impactful and meaningful. This is GIVZIE.


You are a change maker. You are about to start a fun and joyful gift giving experience, thank you for coming, reading, and learning about us.

We hope you like this first rendition. Join this movement to prove that GIVZIE can be the new way we give gifts to kids.

Amanda and Iliana