What is Givzie?

Givzie is a collective gift giving platform empowering families, communities and businesses to streamline gift giving and reduce consumption - all while maximizing meaning in their lives. Parents, individuals or groups can create a “Givzie” at any time. Instead of each person invited to an event purchasing and bringing a gift along, Givzie encourages attendees to contribute to one special item that the recipient will cherish. Our ethos is to reduce clutter in the world and the lives of the people in it, paving a more sustainable road into the future of consumerism. We believe that at the core of any shared experience is a communal desire to do better.

Understanding the power of giving beyond our own circle is a major pillar on which Givzie stands. That's why on every Givzie campaign, there is an option for you to activate a charitable contribution. Our Give with Givzie program allows you to automatically donate 10% of your contributions forward to a charitable organization of your choice. In addition, Givzie donates a portion of profits to charitable organizations. Join us in our mission to give mindfully, and give back with intention.

What are some popular Givzie gift ideas?

  • Memberships!
  • Lessons
  • Experiences
  • Musical Instruments
  • Art Supplies
  • Event Tickets
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Consoles, Lego Sets and Toys

If you can dream it, you can give it. Let us know how you use Givzie by posting your ideas on our Instagram or Facebook page!

How much does Givzie cost?

There is no cost to initiate a Givzie! All funds that are contributed to your Givzie are yours to use to purchase your Givzie gift. Contributors to your Givzie pay a flat $2.00 administration fee plus the credit card transaction fee of 2.9% plus .30 cents. On a typical $20 “give” the total fees for a contributor are $2.88.

When do the funds transfer into my account?

Funds will be disbursed within 1-5 days after the completion of the campaign by your chosen method of transfer (Paypal, Venmo or Mailed Check).

Are there refunds?

If you have made an error or typo in your contribution you can contact us at info@givzie.com and we can make a correction! You cannot rescind a contribution through our platform once funds have been distributed to the recipient, so please contact us right away.