Quick Setup

Set up your Givzie account by clicking the Register button. Fill in your contact information and fund transfer preference.

Start a Givzie

Log into your account and click “Start a Givzie” from the home page or within your account. Write a little something about who the gift is for and why it is going to be a great gift. Here is where you can opt-in (if you choose) to donate 10% of your contributions to a charity of your choice or to one of our partnered organizations. Click submit and you will soon receive a personalized Givzie link.

Share Anywhere

Share your personalized link with friends and family on any platform so they can contribute to your awesome gift. Please note, contributors pay a small fee to use Givzie. Click here to learn more about Givzie's contribution terms.

Funds Transfer

Any and all contributions transfer within 1-5 days after the completion of your Givzie.

Have any Questions? Check out our FAQ Here